Cindy Martin is a Practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK), with over 25 years experience conducting ergonomic assessments.  In addition to providing ergonomic assessment services to organizations on an as needed or retainer basis, Cindy has been qualified to provide office ergonomic assessments to Federal Government Employees as part of the National Master Standing Officer (NMSO) for office ergonomics.

           For employees currently working at home, Cindy Martin offers Remote Office Ergonomic Assessments

Remote Home Office Ergonomic Assessment:  30-45 minute consultation with an ergonomic consultant with review of work station through completion of brief questionnaire,  review of photos or teleconference.                                                    


  • Use an external keyboard and mouse when working with a laptop for periods longer than 1-2 hours

  • Laptop monitor should be raised so that the top line of the text is at eye level - this can be achieved by placing on books or using a laptop stand

  • Select a chair that provides lumbar support and allows you to sit straight up or slightly reclined.                                                                      

  • If the work surface is too high, consider raising the chair (if adjustable) and using a footrest

  • Move and take breaks frequently by organizing computer and non computer related tasks, or standing when on telephone.              

     *****The less ideal the seating, the more frequently you should move around*****