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With many employees now working from home, we are offering Remote Office Ergonomic Assessments. 


This process includes:

  • Phone call with the employee to review work tasks, current set up, areas of discomfort

  • Employee is asked to take photos of home work station, and working postures

  • Follow up phone call or video conference to discuss recommendations

  • Employee provided with education regarding neutral postures and computer inputting

  • Written recommendations are provided when requested.


  • Follow the same guidelines for Working at a Computer Workstation

  • Use an external keyboard and mouse when working with a laptop for periods longer than 1-2 hours

  • Laptop monitor should be raised so that the top line of the text is at eye level - this can be achieved by placing on books or using a laptop stand

  • Select a chair that provides lumbar support and allows you to sit straight up or slightly reclined.                                                                                      *****The less ideal the seating, the more frequently you should move around*****

  • If the work surface is too high, consider raising the chair (if adjustable) and using a footrest

  • Move and take breaks frequently by organizing computer and non computer related tasks, or standing when on telephone.   

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